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Welcome to Qamber Kids! Our literary team is passionate about helping to pair great authors with your ideal illustrator. Take the first step first deciding whether you'd require a book cover or a picture book.

Take a look at our processes of the two below. Once you've made your choice we can begin the creative process below of bringing your book to life!



"Qamber Kids has helped me bring my dreams to life! As a new author, I had no clue how to make my children’s book come to life but Jenn and the rest of the team held my hand throughout the entire process with patience and expertise. Their response time is excellent and their guidance was invaluable. I will definitely recommend Qamber Kids to others and look forward to working with them on future projects!!"

"I can highly recommend this group of artists and designers. Two reasons: (1) the level of professionalism in regards to correspondence, clear communication, artistry and honoring their commitments (2) the level of support offered through the process in regards to writing, illustrating, collaborating, blogging and even making personal connections. You will never feel alone in the process and will ALWAYS find support one of the Qamber Kids professionals."

"I worked with Najla and Nada in 2017 on my first YA novel and the experience was incredible. So, when I wrote my children’s story I knew without a doubt that I wanted to obtain their help again! Najla introduced me to Qamber Kids and Jenn and deciding to move forward with them was the best decision I could have made. The ladies provided me with so much support, feedback, and inspiration throughout this process. I love the story we created and I cannot wait to begin our next project!"

"I had the pleasure of working with Qamber Kids for two of my middle-grade covers. Danielle Styles created beautiful original artwork, and Najla Qamber and Nada Qamber saw through my vision with their typography and design. As a team, they were all outstanding- professional and talented. I highly recommend them!"