You’ve written a chapter book and now you're ready to bring your story to life with an eye-catching cover.

Qamber Kids is here to help you pair your story style with the right illustrator. 

Take a few moments and check out how our basic process works.


To begin, we'll brainstorm together based on your basic ideas, and how you want your readers to feel when they see your book for the first time. If further imagery is needed in the interior layout, this will be roughly sketched out in order to decide what goes where. 

After everything’s been decided, we'll illustrate the front cover, spine and back cover in black and white. This mock-up version will allow you to make final changes before moving on to the next stage. 


Your black and white illustrations will then go through the coloring process, whether it’s fully colored, monochromatic or anything in between. Once that is completed, the final colored outcome will be shared with you for approval or a request to make small changes. 


Finally, we’ll brainstorm with you on your preferred fonts as we enter the last stage of putting your future bestseller together!


Shoot us an email if you have any inquiries or would like us to get started on your book! We look forward to bringing your vision to life!