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Umm Al Hassam, Kingdom of Bahrain 

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Qamber Kids now offers developmental editing, alongside manuscript and grammar review to best help

you polish your work for publication!

Manuscript Review

Our team will look carefully at your story, checking for pacing, strengths and weakness.

Developmental Editing 

We won't only help you get the words just right, but we'll focus on character motivations and help you identify the messages underlying in your story.

Grammar Check

Do you have excess words in your manuscript? Too much purple prose, or details that don't advance the story? We'll help you spot these pesky grammar issues both before and during the final stages of the process.

Synopsis Writing

Your synopsis or blurb is the second thing readers see after your cover. The blurb makes or break a sale. We can help you choose the right words to convey your message. Not only will we pull comparative titles in your genre, but we'll also find the right keywords to reach your ideal reader.