You are finally ready to bring your children’s book to life, but where to begin?

At Qamber Kids we seek to simplify your struggle by offering efficient solutions. Which is why

we want to spend a few moments explaining how our basic process works.


You have your manuscript ready or are at least ready to share with your editor. Now you’re ready to begin designing your characters. The storyboard phase is when we help you decide which pages to turn into a double page artwork spread and which will be single page. Some books place text on one side, while keeping the images on the opposite. Using rough sketches, we will work together to help you decide if we need additional pages, the best flow for your picture book and if you need to make changes to your text.


Our team has helped you create the basic look and flow for your story. Now we’re ready to take each panel of the storyboard and create black and white illustrations. At this point in the process, we will create a mock-up version of the interior so we can examine the text alongside the illustrations. This is also the perfect time for you to make final changes before we move on to the coloring phase.


We’re finally ready to color the background and characters. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to decide if you want everything fully colored, or only fully color the characters with simpler backgrounds. Here is where the illustrator will add definition and diversity. Once the colored version is complete, we’ll share the images with you to give approval or request small changes in color. After finishing the book cover and interior illustrations, we’ll brainstorm with you to decide what fonts you’d like to use while we enter the final stages of putting your book together.


Shoot us an email if you have any inquiries or would like us to get started on your book! We look forward to bringing your vision to life!