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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Qamber Kids is so excited to share our first collaboration with Texas author Susan Langlois. Dolly Does Her Job, is a retelling of the real-life story of a service dog's love for children. Come along with us as we share a peek at Dolly's journey and the author's inspiration behind this inspirational story.

A compelling story illustrating the far-reaching, self extending power of love.

After Dolly is rescued, she experiences the joy of a loving family and home. Soon after, Dolly attends Dog School where she learns many new things. Dolly loves doing her job! She is now ready for a new job at a place with lots and lots of children.

At Roth Elementary, it is the first day of school and everyone is a little bit nervous, especially Dolly. Will she know how to help the kids? Will they like her? Will she do a good job?

As the day goes on, Dolly realizes that she knows exactly what to do - and she didn't learn it at Dog School. She just knew.

Read this book to see Dolly 'Pay It Forward'!

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Meet the real Dolly!


A Word from the Author

It all started with a dog and a heart to help others. Never underestimate the power of love! After many rewrites, I finally had my manuscript about a dog named Dolly who was rescued and went on to pay it forward to school children in need. Next, the hard part: producing and publishing. I looked and looked until I was exhausted. Who could create Dolly and tell her story in pictures in perfect form? I needed a magician! This was Dolly's story and I wanted to do her justice!

Then I found Qamber Kids. There was something different about them. I didn't know when I began the publishing process that it would be such a rewarding experience. I had hoped for a highly talented artist backed by a professional group of designers to move my story from manuscript to picture book. They were all that - and something more. Though I never spoke with Dany, she was highly talented and attentive. Furthermore, Jenn, Najla and Nada offered something I didn't expect: a human element. They gave of themselves in patience, support, kindness, honesty, and dignity. Through the publishing process, I discovered that Dolly wasn't the only one paying it forward. Qamber Kids was paying it forward all along, through kindness and care.

- Susan Langlois


About the Author

I am a hiker, biker, thinker, and writer. I also like to read, cook and laugh! My treasure chest of book ideas is chock full and I can't wait to share them with you. All have themes of hope, kindness or friendship with some chuckles sprinkled in.

Here's one more interesting little thing about me: I am a deaf person who can hear because of a miracle called 'cochlear implants'!

Writing can be hard! When approaching a challenging goal, I use this mantra: I CAN. I WILL. I MUST.

Life can be hard! When approaching all things in life, I use this mantra: Have hope. Give hope. Repeat.


About the Illustrator

Daniela is a professional and full-time Digital Artist who specializes in children’s book illustrations, characters design, concepts and visual development art for video games, APP and films.

She has illustrated over 60 children’s books and is currently working with different Publishers, Art directors, and Authors from all around the world.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Susan and the inspiration behind Dolly Does Her Job. Stay tuned for news and upcoming releases by visiting her Facebook Page at Susan Langlois, Author. Happy reading!


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