Coming Soon to Qamber Kids - Spring is Here!

It's already Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and while the world is in a state of unrest, life manages to go on. We do the best we can with what we have and we forge ahead. If you've felt discouraged lately, keep in mind, people have endured far worse in our past and always persevered. So take heart, hold your loved ones close, and curl up with a good book! If ever there was a time we needed art, music, and books, it's now. Qamber Kids is working hard as a collective team from around the globe to bring fantastic illustrations your way. Here's a few fresh peeks into the factory!

Meet the new Qamber Kids mascot, Isko!

He's furry, he's cute, he's a tarsier: the smallest primate in the world! Keep an eye out because you'll be seeing him around ;)


Meet Artist Reem Alomari

Reem has always been fascinated with what one can do with a pencil. She enjoys the animated features of the fictional 2D and 3D characters that she’s grown up watching and is still an avid fan of a great number of successful illustrators and animators. With her art, she’s an experimenter. And she’s open to collaborating with different people to create awesome art that will resonate with a lot of humans!

Visit her Portfolio today!


Teasing Our Next Projects

We're showcasing sketches and some finished pieces from upcoming books/illustrators!


Spring Portfolio Showcase - Timea Gazdag


Discover How "How Big is Your Love?"


What's Next?

Stay tuned for another issue of "coming soon" this Summer. We have several new special projects including world maps, picture books and more romantic comedy covers ahead! Meanwhile, we'd love it if you followed this blog or Facebook page to stay up to date with us. Happy reading, writing and creating friends!


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