Coming Soon to Qamber Kids - Summertime!

It's Summertime and that means vacation (or staycation). It's the time of year folks take a collective breath and look for ways to entertain their kiddos on summer break. When it's too hot, or too risky to venture out into the world, what better escape than a great book? Here's a peek into what's been cooking in the Qamber Kids factory!


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Discover Artist Timea Gazdag

Timea comes from Hungary, a strange place where everyone is sad. She now lives in the UK, where no one would tell you if they were. She sings, she creates, she observes, she wonders as she wanders.

Visit her Portfolio today!


Teasing Our Next Projects

Showcasing sketches and some finished pieces from upcoming books/illustrators!


Summer Portfolio Showcase - Reem Alomari


Discover "Sweater Girls"


What's Next?

Stay posted for another issue of "coming soon" this Fall. We have several new special projects including two holiday-themed books, a middle-grade graphic novel, and more ahead! Meanwhile, we'd love it if you followed this blog or our new Instagram Page to stay up to date with us. Happy reading, writing, and creating friends!


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