Coming Soon to Qamber Kids - Winter Edition

Can y'all believe Winter is coming to an end? For some of you, we know it certainly doesn't feel this way. Others have shared strange tales of flowers in January and odd bursts of heat spells between the cold. The weather seems changeable indeed when it isn't snowing in Poland like it does every year. With winter holidays behind us and the rest of 2020 ahead, we wanted to spend some time sharing new works from our illustrators and our favorite collaborations with our authors.

New Book Releases!

Meet Artist Katie Archambault

Katie is a Digital Painter and Illustrator from Denver, Colorado. She currently resides in Salem, Oregon. She began creating at a very young age, coming from a long line of family artists (blame her great-grandmother). She draws much of her inspiration from plants, animals, and stories of adventure.

As a child, books with the largest and most beautiful illustrations impacted her the most. Feelings of hope, fear, peace, and now nostalgia. She hopes to invoke those same feelings and create something memorable for future children viewing her work.

Visit her Portfolio today!


Teasing Our Next Projects

Here share sketches and some finished pieces from upcoming books/illustrators.


Winter Portfolio Showcase - Mark Nino Balita


Discover How "Dolly Does Her Job!"


What's Next?

Stay tuned for another issue of "coming soon" this Spring. We have several new special projects besides picture books and romantic comedy covers to share! Meanwhile, we'd love it if you followed this blog or Facebook page to stay up to date with us. Happy reading, writing and creating friends!


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