Highlighting Illustrator Melissa Wright

Welcome back to Qamber Kids! This week, we're featuring the works of author & illustrator Melissa Wright. Melissa is the author of seven YA and Fantasy novels and countless to-do lists. She works primarily in watercolor and ink but has been known to experiment with other mediums. Check out her works in progress in both writing and illustration below.

"I’ve always worked light and built up detail, so watercolor works well for me. I like to do a pencil sketch and then ink in the design, followed by layers of color and detail."

-Melissa Wright

"I’m always striving to do better work, to learn new mediums, and to get more done. It seems my goals are constantly shifting as I go, but I hope my future holds a career in both illustration and writing and it would be lovely if the two could be done simultaneously."

- Melissa Wright

To learn more about Melissa’s works in progress in both writing and illustration, follow her on Instagram & Pinterest. For more of her portfolio, visit the following links.

Illustrator Website | Author Website

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