Highlighting Illustrator Reem Alomari

Welcome back to Qamber Kids! Every week we feature articles on #kidlit books and children's authors and illustrators. This week, we're excited to introduce our newest member to the team, the multi-talented Reem Alomari!

Reem has always been fascinated with what one can do with a pencil. She enjoys the animated features of the fictional 2D and 3D characters that she’s grown up watching and is still an avid fan of a great number of successful illustrators and animators.

With her art, Reem’s an experimenter. And she’s open to collaborating with different people to create awesome art that will resonate with a lot of humans! 

For more of Reem's art, you can view her portfolio at Qamber Kids. If you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Reem and want to show some love for our #IllustratorTeam, please share this post or leave a kind comment below!


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