Welcome Back to Kidlit Author Digest!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We're excited to share another #kidlit author digest, the feature where we ask our author friends questions, then bring their answers to you. At Qamber Kids we treat our authors as members of our extended family. We hope to use our new #kidslitdigest feature to not only introduce y'all to some fantastic authors but bring our little community closer together. This month, we've asked our authors to share what they love about their writing life. Keep reading and get to know these #kidlit masterminds!


"There are so many fun things about being an author it'd take forever to go through them all, but my favorite would have to be that I can create my own worlds. Anna-Grace and I did it with our Moonlight & Aleena series and I also did it with my Forever Fae series. When I go back and read some of the things I've done, I'm amazed at myself. It's hard to believe that I came up with all those magical things. I look forward to building more worlds. "

-L.P. and Anna Grace Dover, Authors of Moonlight and Aleena

"There are two main types of authors, those that tell stories and those that write prose. Not that the two are mutually exclusive.  I found myself writing because it made me feel good to share the stories I have written and I have been surprised by the feedback I have gotten. Most are supportive but there are also some that are not so supportive. I always thought that the negative would upset me but I found myself having the opposite reaction because if people are taking the time to write the negative, it means the story touched them in some way. That is always good. You can learn from failure just as much as from success."

-Colleen S. Myers, Author of Aiden and the End of the World Series

"It’s so hard to choose what my favorite part about being an author is, but one thing I love is the beginning process, when a seed of a new idea or character first pops into my mind. There’s something magical about imagining all of the possibilities and adventures that await these tiny ideas and characters. If I’m lucky, characters will “speak to me,” giving me an immediate glimpse into their personality and voice. Sometimes an entire scene, conversation, or even the plot will spill out onto a sheet of paper while I’m jotting down some random notes. In these starting moments, I’m never quite sure where these ideas or characters will lead, and that’s a huge part of what is so special about being an author, because I know these characters are trusting me to use my own creativity to tell their story.

Something that surprised me is that I’ve written more than one book. I started writing later in life when I had a story idea that kept swirling in my head. It was supposed to be a one and done book, but as is the case with many writers, I was instantly hooked. Thankfully, many more ideas swooped in behind that first one. I’m grateful for the readers who continue to support and encourage me to write. It’s a pleasure and an honor to share these stories with them."

-Karen Pokras Toz, Author of Millicent Marie & Nate Rocks the World

"I love how my young readers embrace the quirky fantasy characters I create. They wholeheartedly embrace the unusual characters and can imagine the world I’ve created without inhibition. I enjoy seeing this and how they then connect with my characters like wanting to dress up as the main character Zadi who is part fairy, part zombie, with a little bit of robot for book week. I think it’s so cool they can imagine what such an unusual character can look like, their imaginations are boundless!"

-Lily Rose, Author of Misfit Monsters and There's A Dragon in the Chook Shed


Thanks so much for reading. We hope you'll stay tuned for another issue of "Kids Lit Digest" next month. We can't wait to start sharing more author-insights in hopes to inspire our reading & writing communities. Keep creating and sharing, friends!