Qamber Kids now offers developmental editing, alongside manuscript and grammar review to best help

you polish your work for publication! Keep reading for our full list of author and publisher services.

Cover & Interior Illustrations

Our illustrator and project manager will work closely with you to bring your concept to life. See how this works here.

Text Cover & Interior Layout Designs

Once all illustrations are completed, the design team will create mock-up versions while we brainstorm which fonts to use. 

Logo Design

Choose from our premades or commission your own unique hand-drawn design from our team.

Swag Design

Qamber Kids will carry your book designs to the next level by creating bookmarks, teasers, maps, and banners to help you spread the word on your new release.

Manuscript Review

Our team will look carefully at your story, checking for pacing, strengths and weakness.

Synopsis Writing

We'll help you choose the best words to convey the message behind your story. Not only will we pull comparative titles in your genre, but we'll also find the right keywords to reach your ideal reader.

Developmental Editing 

We won't only help you get the words just right, but we'll focus on character motivations and help you identify the messages underlying in your story.

Grammar Check

Do you have excess words in your manuscript, or details that don't advance the story? We'll help you spot these pesky grammar issues both before and during the final stages of the process.